vijay chekuri ux designer

Apple iPhone Trade-in Redesign

The AppleRecycle Website hadn’t been updated in a while and there were a bunch of known customer pain points which needed to be addressed. Our goal was to improve the user experience, modernise the aesthetic and increase conversions on mobile Trade-in's.

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vijay chekuri ux designer

My Role

Research, Concept, Ideation, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI, Front-end Development.


30 days.

Year Launched : 2018

Team Size


1 (me) + 1 (Backend Developer)

Tools Used

vijay chekuri ux designer

1. Overview

AppleRecycle website is one of the popular websites in the UK to trade-in their old iPhones but the look and feel is very old so i had to step in to give a complete brand-new look.

Functionality improvement is one of the core reqirement for this project due to a lot of competitors.

My role was to be the Full stack designer and Front-end developer for the redesigned site, implementing a User-Centered Design approach to the project..

2. Problems

  • Very very old deisgn
  • Poor typography
  • Outdated forms
  • Limited Functionality
  • No customer service support
  • No Promotions / Banners
  • Less / Confusing information
  • Confusing user flow

3. Goals

It's not like any other trade-in website becasue this website is going to handle only Apple iPhones and there are bunch of mobile trade-in websites already giving the competition. My main goal was to make the design very simple and mobile friendly.

  • Simplifying user journey
  • Smart categorisation
  • Quote on the first page.
  • More informative / Less scrolling
  • Best Pricing
  • Avoid sign-in / sign-up option
  • Address / payment options
  • Free Post label download facility

4. Competitor Research / Analysis / Information Gathering

In order to achieve such a goal, it was absolutely necessary to gain the information about where the old solution was failing and what business results should the new design bring. Based on the enter data, the first graphic concepts were made.I lead and execute our on-site intercept surveys, extensive competitor / industry parallel analysis, broad and focused journey-mapping, and group requirement-gathering sessions (conferences) with the client.

Often designs were tested as either paper mock-ups or clickable prototypes (using Axure or InVision), therefore we was able to test well before development was due.


Mazuma & Musicmagpie are the main competitiors in this field. it seems they both are following the same method. I have checked other competitiors worldwide and they are doing in the similar manner. For me, it's not simple and it looks too busy and this is one of the main challenge.


I had few meetings with the stakeholders and discussed my ideas with them. Luckily, they were very happy with them.


After all that, i did start drawing some wireframes and initial sketches. I have gathered all the ideas at this stage.


This is the old website. I did redesign the web page. I had to follow the same colors for the brand identity. My main goal was to simplify the quoting process.


I did the user testing with the real people and with the other teams .


Finally, I did create the final Hi-Fed for desktop and mobile and did the user test again.It works very simple on the mobile as well.


I did use SketchApp for the whole design experience. InVision for the testing at the initial stage.

5. Main Process Testing

To better know what AppleRecyle does well for their users and where it was lacking, we benchmarked heavily against competitor propositions. This allowed us to get valuable insights into differing approaches to Trade-in / Recycle / Sell online.

6. User Center Thinking

One of the greatest challenges working at AppleRecycle was the internal challenge of making great technical minds think more ‘human-centred’.As a team, we would discuss what we observed and how best we might iterate towards a better solution for the next round of testing.


The Result

The new design of the web is clear, has modern graphic elements, and provides a simple solution of regular use cases. The structure and the content are understandable and consistent and acheived all the goals with flying colors.