vijay chekuri ux designer

Lebara Mobile Digital Transformation

Leading the global omnichannel digital transformation of a telecommunications company. Responsible for Service design, Design systems/UI kits, Product & UX/UI design.

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vijay chekuri ux designer

My Role

Service design, Design systems, Product & UX/UI design, Front-end Development (Some).



Year Launched : 2019-20

Team Size


Lead Designer (me) + 5 Jr Designers

Tools Used

vijay chekuri ux designer

1. Overview

Lebara is a telecommunications company providing services in many countries around the world, using the mobile virtual network operator business model. Lebara Mobile provides pay-as-you-go mobile SIM cards, targeted toward the needs of international communities and migrant workers.

I successfully rebranded the business, both internally and externally. I revamped all websites and mobile applications, including the current website and app. Moreover, I designed a new website using proper UX methodologies and research data to enhance the user experience.

I conducted stakeholder interviews, research, created journey maps, analyzed data, worked on wireframing, prototyping, testing, and iterations. I followed a user-centered approach and operated in a fully Agile environment. Collaborated with an external agency for branding and development needs. Additionally, I successfully built and managed a product design team of 6.

2. Problems

  • Outdated deisgn
  • Poor typography
  • Outdated checkout journeys
  • Limited Functionality
  • No customer service support
  • No Promotions / Banners
  • Less / Confusing information
  • Confusing user flow
  • Long SIM activation journeys
  • Outdated dashboard
  • Long TOP-UP user journey.
  • Product & Service design issues

3. Goals

Main goal was modern look through out the website & mobile applications with great user experience and expand the customer base accross the europe and middle east.

  • Simplifying user journey
  • Smart product selection
  • Mobile App design
  • More informative for all users.
  • Design accroding to new business strategies.
  • Increase revenue and Customer base + Multi-lingual
  • New check-out journeys
  • Best customer support

I addressed major issues on the current website, ensuring the company continued earning revenue while waiting for the new website and app launch.
I redesigned complex user journeys, specifically the checkout and top-up processes, resulting in a remarkable drop in the bounce rate from 49.7% to 3.5%, according to Google Analytics. Through data analysis and customer conversations, it became evident that many users struggled with checkout and finding the right products. After thorough interviews with stakeholders and product owners, I collected enough information to move forward confidently.

Mobile App redesign

I began with the mobile app since, according to the marketing team's data, 75% of Lebara users place orders using the mobile app and mobile phone browsers on the website. I redesigned significant and complicated user journeys to improve the experience.


The Process

I have looked at the data collected using Google Analytics and Localytics to get an idea of how the mobile app and web site is used. We have based the analysis on data from the last months (June 2018). For the web site we have based the data from the UK.

In Localytics the Top up funnel is configured and easy to monitor The funnel currently has a 21-24% conversion rate. No other funnels are easily monitored.

Tags & Funnels


Finding the issues

Discovery Phase-1


Discovery Phase-2


Discovery Phase-3


Key Touch Points


Three weeks immersion and concept phase, followed by nine weeks delivery of html templates and an visual app prototype


Information Architecture


Sprints Structure



app-screen app-screen app-screen app-screen app-screen

Some wireframes (Can't show all wireframes & prototypes due to permission issues)




Spent fair amount of time to do the Analysis & Wireframing and Prototyping.

User testing

Chose Non native English speakers for 40 minutes interview


Results/Insights (Some)


Some final key Hi-Fed prototypes

app-screen app-screen app-screen app-screen

I have done a similar process for Website Applications. you can find the process & information soon (waiting for the permission.)

The Result

The new design of the App is clear, has modern graphic elements, and provides a simple solution of regular use cases. The structure and the content are understandable and consistent and acheived all the goals with flying colors.

Mor than 500K+ downloads and 90% of App users coming back to the app to make the purchases.