vijay chekuri ux designer

Trade-in Portal

Using this Trade-in platform, Anyone can sell their old electronic/Tech devices & Upgrade to the latest microsoft products. This is a complete re-design and operating in 7+ countries.

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vijay chekuri ux designer

My Role

Research, Concept, Ideation, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI, Front-end Development.


15 days.

Year Launched : 2017-18

Team Size


1 (me) + 1 (Backend Developer)

Tools Used

vijay chekuri ux designer

1. Overview

I was the WEB / UX / UI / Front-end Designer at West One Technology (UK) ltd., and worked in collaboration with the development team on various Microsoft products. I am responsible for the redesign of Microsoft Trade-in Website / Portal by creating Design concepts and research, user flows, wireframes, and visual designs for features of the experiences.

MS doesn't have a fully working Trade-in website in the UK/Europe's region. They had one(3rd party) website but it's outdated and limited functionality.I did attend some phone conferences with Microsoft UK to understand what they really want and they gave me a full set of requirements.

I am working on Microsoft Games Console Website (Trade-in Promotion) at the moment.

2. Problems

  • No instant quote option
  • Only have a request a quote facility
  • Outdated Design (3rd party)
  • Outdated quote request form
  • Limited Functionality
  • Limited products Trade-in
  • No customer service support
  • No Promotions activity
  • No language selection
  • Less / Confusing information
  • Confusing user flow

3. Goals

Typography and color palette provided by Microsoft to maintain the Brand identity. It's not like any other trade-in website becasue this website is going to handle all the games consoles , all kinds of computers/brands , mobile and tablet devices.

  • Instant quote facility
  • Simplifying user journey
  • Smart categorisation
  • Follow complete brand guidelines
  • More informative
  • Multi-lingual | No Box-shadows
  • UK/Europe/Asia pricing
  • Avoid sign-in / sign-up option
  • Address / payment options
  • Business Trade-in option

4. Process


Requirements Gathering & Discovery Research

In order to achieve such a goal, it was absolutely necessary to gain the information about where the old solution was failing and what business results should the new design bring. Based on the enter data, the first graphic concepts were made.I lead and execute our on-site intercept surveys, extensive competitor / industry parallel analysis, broad and focused journey-mapping, and group requirement-gathering sessions (conferences) with the client.


Rapid Iteration & Testing With Real Patents & User Flow

We operated in a one-week cadence: ideating, lo- and mid-fidelity prototyping, running concept and usability tests, and finally sharing our insights with the larger group to gather input. We performed testing directly with a pool of real time users, as well as people with real conditions they were managing. Their input was valuable and detailed, with insights that drove us towards designing a more impactful solution..


Hi-Fi Coded Prototypes, Usability Testing, & A/B Testing etc..

At this stage, finally i chose 3 designs (from 7 design ideas) after i collaborated with other teams and some realtime users. i did mix up two design ideas beased on the feedback. we did the test again and analysed the results.

06. Final Wireframe to Visual Design


07. Main Part (UX / UI)

Considering the user testing results, suggestions from the user testing manager, and with other feedback - i did the categorisations very carefully.

The wireframes follow all the best practices i.e. icons, visuals, clear start and communicating success at the end. From all the research and user testing the wireframes and prototype that were created were the best representation of what the Trade-in site can do.

As a result , Users enjoyed the new experience and understood the basic design engagements, and i learned that any product can be enhanced through research.


08. The Result

The new design of the web is clear, has modern graphic elements, and provides a simple solution of regular use cases. The structure and the content are understandable and consistent and acheived all the goals with flying colors.

It's was really a good experience working with Microsoft team.Felt proud for a moment.

First they Launched the website in the UK and they have received a mind-blowing response so they've decided to launch in 7 other countries.